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Thanks, Mary! I've heard of this, but I think now is the time to check out the book for myself. (Second baby due December...)

mamacita tina

So wonderful that there is abundant resources/information to help us raise our kids. Kids and parenting strategies vary, so it's good to have options, including in how to get your baby to sleep. We just need to find what fits our own situation. Good info - thanks.

Mary P

Krista: her book for infants is "no-cry sleep solition". Lots of information in there!

Mamacita: options are good. It's always useful to gather a variety of perspectives in your quest to offer your child the best!


Her book is great, and she's a really nice person to boot. One bad, very sleep-deprived day, I wrote a sarcastic list of questions for sleep experts on my blog and she actually answered the one I asked her. *And* she was really nice about it. How's that for class?

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