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I have been having THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM, and we did all the same things as Betsy, too, and to no avail. Finally, I started catching my son just as he was about to throw and I'd say, "Hey, can you HAND that to mommy?" and he did. I praised him big for it, (maybe I went a bit overboard, but I really was THAT happy after 3 months of constant food-throwing) and now it works most of the time. Ifhe gets bored because daddy and I are talking, he sometimes reverts, but I consider that to be more my fault than his because he knows it's the only way to get my attention sometimes.

Good luck, gals, and great advice, PiPsters!

Laura S.

I used the hard-ass approach with both of my kids. Worked like a charm. And, boy, they learn QUICKLY. So, there's no chance they're going to starve.

Kat O+

Ah, but how do I stop Daddy/Grandma from recoiling in horror and scolding me for starving my child (and then sneaking him some food anyway)? *SIGH*

Laura S.

Kat -- Maybe you could place them in the line of fire. They might see the light after a few meals land all over them!

Mary P

Stef - Great thought. That's a good practice, where it's possible: Don't tell them what NOT to do, tell them what TO do. Thanks for the input!

Kat - I'm with Laura. Additionally? Make daddy clean up the mess. To YOUR specificiations, of course.

Kat O+

*LOL* Very evil. I like it!


At around 15 months our daughter was the, drop things when you want down, type. I found that making her wait in the chair while I cleaned up the mess proved a good deterent.

PiP Thanks for all the useful advice


Okay, hard-ass it is! I'm very fussy about hygiene so your method sounds great. I'll let you know how it goes!


I mean, I'm not very fussy about hygiene.

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