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Oh how I agree! Weissbluth is the man with the answers; that being said- his bedside manner stinks!

It took me a few weeks to come around to his school of thought, simply because every time I picked up his book, I found I was doing something else "wrong".

When I finally took his approach life got a lot better, VERY fast. My one year old is a great napper and is in bed by 7:15 every night and up at 7:30 each morning. We need to do some more work on the night waking, but overall- things are great and it has much to do with Dr. Weissbluth.


ITA agree about the un-readability of Weisbluth. I kind of feel that he copied and pasted from his doctoral thesis instead of trying to write an actual book. There is a lot of good info in there, but a person needs so much patience to find it!


For all his shortcomings as an author/editor... the man know something about sleep...

Update for Mary and Laura... the lock worked like a charm for Bean. We are back to our regularly scheduled naps and full night sleep, he doesn't even TRY to open the door. And when he wakes up in the morning he plays and "reads" in his room until we get him. Thanks for the reinforcements!

Mary P

Chelsea - No one likes to be told they're doing it 'wrong', but sometimes we can throw the baby out with the bathwater, and reject something useful because we're annoyed at being scolded. Good for you for persevering despite your initial negative emotional response! Seems he did have something useful to say to you - despite his 'bedside manner'.

Laura - That's my feeling about him. Good info - but so hard to find. I need to sit down with the book and highlight the heck out of it as another commenter (was it you, Kathrynaz?) did. I thought that was a great idea.

Tpon - I'm not blaming him, but his editor, because I assume he didn't edit it. But you're right: there's a tonne of good info in there.

Oh, and thanks so much for the feedback! It's always good to know the result of our input. Glad to hear it was so satisfactroy - and so quick, too! You obviously have a great little guy there.

Single Dad

Interesting post, isn’t it?

Thanks for sharing this.

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