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Guilty as charged...I expect my husband to read my mind too. Except the part where you explained the problem to your husband, this was me. Thank you for untangling my scribble. Now I have to send this link to my husband, who just left for two child-free weeks in a ridiculously posh hotel.

Kat O+

Gah! This is a conversation that hubby and I have to have. It's been almost 2 years and everytime I have to deal with the baby's sleeping issues, I receive the same barrage of questions ranging from, "Does he need a nappy change?" to "Honey, the baby's crying." I know the baby's crying!!! Arrrggghhh! Maybe I will buy him earplugs for Father's Day...

Mary P

Communication. Everyone knows "communication is the key to a good relationship", but what few people realize is how difficult it can be. You don't say things because they seem too obvious; you say things, but what the other guy heard isn't what you meant. Urgh.

You also have to be so clear in your own mind what it is that's going on inside you, as you did when you sat down and tried to sort out why his helpful comments made you reach for the frying pan.

Pulling all that apart, and then communicating it to the other guy isn't easy, and yet it's essential to try, and keep trying. People who communicate well are masters of a very complex art. Good for you and Hus-band!

Kikki's Mama

WOw did your story ring a bell... So obvious yet not at the moment it's happening. I can actually use this with my mother. She is always so worried about my daugther, she calls back after visiting offering her "advice" and when I talk to her about what's going on, she gives me lots of solutions, which I already tried! ALl I really need is some emotional support. But... If we all got it from our family, what would we blog about, rigth? Ha ha


Heidi told our helper, when we were seeing the helper that she would get so frusterated that she wanted to stab me. She meant it too, scared me straight into listening. Listening, not solving and being supportive does not come naturally to most men. When presented with a problem or dilema I look for solutions, it is instinct. The old dog had to learn new tricks and I must admit it has made our lives a lot better. It is still difficult not to offer a little pearl of wisdom but I have learned to bite my toung and sympathise.


I find I've gone too far in the other direction now; my wife will ask me what I think and then get annoyed when I say something supportive but non-helpful!

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