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My second kid happened to be the laid back one, slower to reach milestones as well, and my older one is the more intense type A. We were also concerned for a while, and interestingly, so was the pediatrician - enough to have him evaluated by developmental specialists around 20 months of age. But by the time they scheduled the appointment, the kid had made major strides and ended up scoring "normal" or slightly above in all of the areas we'd been most concerned about. He was just on his own timetable, which happened to be vastly different from our "parenting template", our first kid.

Don't stress yet. It's just part of getting to know your second child's nature, and of course you'll compare to the first one because it's natural. Like Mary said, though, just don't let it turn into the only acceptable way to be.


I'm right there too. My second one is only 3 months, but oh, the guilt!! Mary, thanks for the down-to-earth sound advice. I'll try to keep it in mind


We're going to have our second son in December, so this will be a valuable topic to keep in mind. I think it will be hard not to compare our boys and worry at least a little...

Thank you for another great topic, I'm really enjoying this blog!


Scanning the archives and found this and feel the same with my 4 year old and my 1 year old. My one year old is slow to reach darn near EVERY milestone (EVEN TEETH! My 4 year old had 8 teeth when she turned one... baby turned one a few weeks ago, and just after that, got her first two teeth).

Baby2 gets more mom time than my oldest did because I work at home now and my oldest is in daycare/preschool 2x per week - so when my youngest is behind on things compared to where my oldest was, i can't help but think - okay, it must be me. Ironically I wonder if she would be achieving more if she were in daycare (can you believe it?!).

I think, actually, that what it is is that my oldest is a lot like my husband - gregarious, confident, outgoing. My youngest tends to be more like me - quiet, introspective (okay, I'm reaching here, cuz she's only one!), but more likely to watch and guage a situation than jump right in...

It's hard!

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