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The BIG problem I had was how to stop my husband and other family members undoing all my good work or tripling my stress levels by telling me that crying it out will cause him untold pyschological trauma.


Great idea! I need help w/my second child. I would let her cry it out, but she wakes up my 2yr old. I had planned to have them share a room- but it's not working out that way. I'm sure the challenge of sharing a room is a challenge for others too.
I just don't know what to do.


Please do a little focus on what to do if you've already started out screwing up. I read all kinds of stuff about what I should have done in the beginning, but was too tired/whatever to do it at the time. I think I've finally gotten back on the right path, but there's not much written on how to undo bad habits - just how not to start them.


This sounds wonderful! I'm eagerly awaiting your first (second I guess) installment on this topic. I agree that it may be nice to include something on how to "undo" bad habits that you didn't mean to get yourself into.


Can you address the problem that parents of quirky kids have with any of those methods? For instance, we tried probably every combination of sleep method available from the time Christopher was six months old until he finally slept through the night on his own at age two. NOTHING worked. Kids like him are so much more intense and difficult. Any suggestions for those parents?

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