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What a great plan! I have to admit you had me worried at first... so I'm glad you made sure to mention that you were sleeping nearby on the couch.


I can't believe your story- it is identical to my current problem. My second child has been sleeping in our bed because I can't get her into the crib b/c she wakes her 2yr old brother (or vs versa). I end up at the foot of the bed, so I've tried everything. She hates the bassinet and at 6mths old she wants to squiggle around. We are now going on our 4th night of her on the floor in a make shift cubby hole kind of area on top of a down comforter and gated so my son can't torture her. So far so good. Eventually I plan to move her and the comforter into the crib so she will still recognize smells, etc- but will hopefully be sleeping through the night so she can bunk with big bro.
It's sad- my dad said it sounds like a doggy mat-- and that's the best description yet!

Lady M

What a story! Have you seen the "Jack Jack Attack" story from "The Incredibles" DVD? We saw it when Q was still too young to be an escape artist. I think we need to see it again now.



Mama of 2

Hey who says you can't "crate" your children? No seriously -- I have to commend your ingenious thinking. Being a mom who needs her sleep I can sympathize with you and hey whatever works right?

But I promise not to give away your secret methods.

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