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Thank you very much about the advice - Sad part is I haven't even asked my husban how it works for him- I know he sleeps through the night but I never flat out said do you like this too? I will be sure to ask tonight- and I will update you to let you know how it goes. Thanks agian!


Laura, I would just like to make an aside comment first. I think its great when you say:

"Obviously, the combination of your individual temperaments and co-sleeping has created a very successful situation for all of you."

A couple of months ago I attended a talk by Jan Kristal, author of "The Temperament Perspective" and it was incredibly informative. I've become so much more aware of my son's temperament and can see examples of it even back to his days in the womb.

Kylei, I have a feeling that if your sleeping arrangement wasn't working for your husband, you would know about it! Even if he didn't have the heart to come right out and say it, you would know by his actions if he slept poorly on a regular basis. I'm trying to remember exactly when we transitioned our son to his bed full-time... it was a gradual process, that still reverts at times. Of course any time he has a bad dream, etc. he is always welcome to crawl in with us. We started with a small crib in our room, and then at some point started putting him in his big crib in his room for naps. Then we put him in his crib at bedtime, and I'd bring him in to bed with me when he woke to nurse. (I had a dreadful rocking chair that I hated nursing in!) Slowly he stopped nursing as much and started sleeping on his own in his room more. Now (he'll be two in a few weeks) we put him down in his bed to sleep, although I've fallen into having to lay next to him to get him to sleep. Usually he'll sleep in his big boy bed for 9 hours and wakes in the morning wanting to snuggle a bit, then runs off to michief all over the house.


I don't mind the children in the bed, but the minute I think they are asleep I whisk them off to their own bed. Doesn't happen all that often here.
My brother and his wife are expecting their second, their first is two and sleeps with them every night. I have a bad feeling about all four of them ftting in the bed. Do they make bigger than King size?
My other thought on the subject is it better to transition them before speach? I have found that it is easier to ignore their please for help when they can not pronounce my name. :~)


We allowed our two children to co-sleep with us until they were roughly 2 1/2 yrs old. It wasn't that I read it somewhere or someone told me to do it (as you know you get conflicting advice all the time), I did it because it worked. Although... my grandmother never owned a crib for any of her 9 children and told me a womans armpit was made for a babies head! I almost felt guilty because unless they were sick I never had major sleep issues. We just slept, I whipped out a boob now and then but after a couple of months it was automatic. So here's what worked for us:

1. We purchased two full sized futons and pushed them together. My hubby didn't mind going to another room for sex. His only complaint was not enough space, so this worked well, for a short time it fit all four of us! My hubby loved that he never had to tend to the kids at night and could go to work on a full nights sleep. Plus they were cheap and low to the ground.

2. We gave them a special stuffed animal at about 2yrs old for bedtime. By the time 2 1/2 rolled around they were used to it, they were off the breast, and were generally excited for a big kid bed. Ofcoarse we talked it up for weeks, and bought character sheet sets. We would cuddle them in their bed for like 15 minutes and read books. Now we just read the books before bed time. The routine is what really mattered to them bath/books/bed- religiously.

3. Needless to say, the two futons have been replaced by a fluffy pillow top "marital bed" and the kids sleep well in their own rooms!

4. Dr Sears has a great book on the do's and don'ts of cosleeping biggies include never cosleeping while intoxicated, extremely obese, beds with rails, beds must be flush with the wall, not too squishy bedding- all are potential suffocation hazards. Safety is key in both cribs & beds.

Good luck!
*sorry my comment is so long-I just get excited when I can offer support for someone trying co-sleeping!*

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