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I can relate. When my son (now 2) was around the same age 15-16mths he wasn't interested in most of the toys we acquired from family and friends. I'm ashamed to say I did buy him an expensive block set in a wooden case- that still to this day he isn't interested in playing with. I would say I could clear out the whole play room and leave 3 key items that could keep him busy all day- ball, truck and legos.
Good luck!


I think I've mentioned this before... temperament has so much to do with how my (and your son) plays and reacts to things. He is very active and has no time to "deal" with toys that don't "do" what he wants them to. As he's gotten a little older (he'll be 2 in a couple of weeks) it has gotten a little easier to encourage him to work on an issue and then ask for help if he still needs it.


My daughter was the same. Now, at 20 months, she does laps with her stroller (420 million seems about right) and has the coordination and imagination to play with her toys for longer stretches and is less interested in things that aren't her toys.
I've been asking her if she needs help when she has trouble, but I like the idea of letting her know she's frustrated. Really, my daughter readily asks for help. My challenge is more to get her to try to do tasks she has trouble with on her own. As soon as she recognizes she is having trouble fitting a shape into the hole, for instance, she asks me to do it. So I often find myself saying, "try again" or "you can do it by yourself". I try and let her reach a healthy level of frustration before I ask if she needs help again.


For a cheap and relatively quiet push toy (yes, even for a boy), I'd say a doll stroller is a great choice. It has saved our hides around here more than once with an active now-19-month old little fella. Someone also got us a set of wooden nested blocks and they are great for hiding stuff under and/or stacking up and--the best part--knocking down! :)

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