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I love how well laid out your advice is and that you reference other experts in your work. It gives a reader confidence that what you are proposing/ suggesting has some "meat" to it.

My son is still very small and so this doesn't apply yet but I've mentally filed it away to use at a later date!

Thank you for taking the time to answer so thoughtfully, I love checking in here to see what you have to say!


I believe that my daughter may also have social phobia. She is 3 years old and ever since the age of two has been very shy. Especially when an entering a room full of people and especially other children. I am not sure how to handle or help her...

Eileen D

I have a 3 year old son who is having the same issues. He cries at parties, parks, even his grandmothers. Anytime there are kids around. I just starting looking into a child therapist to see what can be done.
I just feel so bad for him.
If he/she gives me information to share......I will keep you posted.

Eileen D

I have a 3 year old son who is having the same issues. He cries at parties, parks, even his grandmothers. Anytime there are kids around. I just starting looking into a child therapist to see what can be done.
I just feel so bad for him.
If he/she gives me information to share......I will keep you posted.

baby blues

I'm diagnosed with social phobia and I clearly remember how (in my early childhood years) I used to fear the other children, but loved teachers and other grownups (even strangers)!

Andrea H.

I have a 3 year old daughter who seems to display heightened anxiety when we have playdates with children her age. She tends to want me to hold her the majority of the time, often cries and shows no interest in interacting with her peers. I have a hard time getting together with other moms who have children the same age because it takes so much of my time and energy to try and calm my daughter and engage her in an activity with another child. It is interesting though that she loves older children and adults. She feels very comfortable interacting with children older than her (elementary school age or older) but to get her to interact with children her age is like pulling teeth, painful to both her and me.


My 3 (almost 4) year old son exhibits anxieties when he is around a group of children (e.g., tee ball, preschool). He will mention to me that "the kids don't like me or they won't be my friend." However, he does remarkably well when he is with one other child. It seems that entering group situations with children really stresses him out, but he feels more confident when he's with only one or two friends. I don't really know what to make of this?

Marjie Braun Knudsen

I found it difficult to find good fiction books for my school age son with social anxiety. My friend, a child psychologist, suggested we write together. The following book is the start of a series of books on different anxiety related issues and most importantly, help and understanding for kids with social anxiety.
Publication Date: Aug. 1, 2008:

BRAVE: Be Ready and Victory’s Easy, A Story About Social Anxiety by Marjie Braun Knudsen & Jenne R. Henderson, Ph.D.

A story about a fifth grade boy learning to manage his fears of social situations and criticism. He uses the acronym BRAVE, which stands for "be ready and victory's easy," to plan ahead for difficult situations at school and home.

“This book will appeal to kids of every age. It is informative, but also funny. Many kids will relate to Danny’s experiences. Reading BRAVE will help kids with social anxiety feel less alone and give them hope for the future.”
James J. Crist, Ph.D., author of What to do when You’re Scared & Worried

ISBN: 978-0-9815759-0-2
Price: 11.95
Distributor: Baker & Taylor and Summertime Press

This book is currently available for pre-sale at Barnes & Noble online, and can also be viewed on the web at:


The book BRAVE: Be Ready and Victory's Easy, A Story About Social Anxiety
is currently sold out at Amazon, B&N, and there is one left at Powells. It is in stock at the website
The bookstores should have more soon.


My son is almost three and just started really freaking out around other children. He cries and wants to leave at playgroup and will cover his ears in any situation when there are children. He loves adults and at home he's so happy and outgoing and full of fun. But recently he would be paralyzed with fear even in places he associates with children like Toys R Us and the park. I work from home and have a live in nanny so he has lots of interaction with adults, but not so much with other children. He has been going to the playground ever since he was 1 year old and loved it until just about two weeks ago. I'm glad to see your suggestions and also the comments of the other moms. I feel so bad for him and I thought he was the only one. Thanks for all the comments.

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my son is 3 years and 8 months he has social anxiety and i don't thing the therapy makes a big diferent with him.
does anyone knows anything about anxiety medication????


Well written and informative. But I was amazed at the last few comments where parents are quick to resort to medications. Before you do the lazy thing and get your kid hooked on a drug that will no doubt lead to benzo addiction or dependence later in life, please look into therapy, small play groups or other non medicinal options. The only thing I'd recommend is Bachs "rescue remedy" which is a homeopathic remedy known to naturally help calm anxiety. Please avoid drugs unless absolutely neccessary. Starting kids on "calm-me-down" drugs is paving the way to substance abuse.

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I grew up with social anxiety and was not diagnosed til 21 years old. I look back at all the years of failed friendships and skipping out of class to avoid people and speaking situations. The psycho-therapist was very helpful and gave my exercises for breathing and changing my thinking. Later, I started Paxil and that really worked as well. Now, I am a Speech Pathologist and had to give speeches in school every week and was able to do it without drugs but good thinking skills and also preparation for the speech was key...diaphragmatic breathing is always helpful.
Now, I am noticing social anxiety with my 4yr old with groups and with some kids that he is intimidated by (those that are naturally confident) we practice breathing and positive thinking. I did buy some books for social anxiety but he doesn't really care for them...will try the Brave book......thanks for this site:)

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