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Kat O+

I've had a few relatives suspected and diagnosed with ADHD but I agree, the diagnostic methods seem a little subjective to me. Another thing Erin might like to try is to experiment with her child's diet. He might be sensitive to certain types of food, which might be aggravating his behaviour. There are lots of diet camps out there - low GI, low dairy, etc. - so maybe just play around with his food, try different things and see if they make a difference or if any specific food items help/make it worse.

Oh, and maybe make sure he's getting enough sleep. Overtiredness might be a contributing factor.

Just some ideas. Good luck, Erin!

Laura S.

Good suggestions, Kat!


I agree. A friend of mine has a daughter that was driving her nuts. After dealing with it for quite a while, they finally found that she had an allergy to soy. Now that they manage her diet, she is much more agreeable.


I have to add: don't EVER take your child to a psychiatrist/psychologist/specialst to be tested for a specific thing (unless, of course, other tests have shown that the child has some specific thing and you're getting a second opinion). It's VERY easy to "find" ADHD in pretty much any kid, if you're looking for it. If it's at all possible, simply make the appointment by saying that something about your child's behavior is troubling you and you'd like to get some help. You can certainly explain those behaviors that are a problem without saying, "I'm wondering if my child has ADHD."


Good advice. Diet affects so many people in different ways and not just ADHD.


I would consider an evaluation by an occupational therapist. He sounds just like my son and mine has been diagnosed with both ADHD and SPD (sensory processing disorder). My son started showing obvious signs at the same age and we ended up getting him help through the early childhood intervention program through the local school district when he was 3. My son is in Kindergarten now and because of the ADHD diagnosis, he qualifies for special education services in a mainstream class. We have ARDs to discuss his IEP and BIP and he gets "sensory breaks" in school.

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