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Not surprised your daughter had the know how with you for a mom--but the confidence, at 13--very impressive. thanks for a great story.

Lady M

I am so impressed!

I was relating Emma's story to SwingDaddy as we were cooking dinner and Q was refusing to sit in his high chair. We couldn't be outdone by a teenager- we're supposed to be parents! So we managed to stand firm and the kidlet did indeed finally agree to sit before we served him his messy dinner.


That's my sister! She's such a smart little cookie. I can just imagine Lil'Dude sitting in the closet going, "what the heck?!?" You've taught her well.

Sunshine Scribe

Wow. I couldn't be more impressed! Like mother, like daughter.


This is exactly why I love 13 year old babysitters. Because they aren't old enough to have "opinions" about childraising, they just use common sense (bravo to your daughter!). And if my 13 year old babysitter is any example, you can get great results!

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