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Kat O+

Baby Love by Robin Barker is considered THE Aussie parenting bible for parents of young babies. I didn't get the book myself because at the time I was inundated with how-to books as well as the Internet but I have her toddler book and I can understand why she's popular. Her approach is a bit like this website's - she speaks from a lifetime of experience as a midwife and child health nurse, provides alternatives and doesn't prey on guilt to promote one idea versus another. Here's a good article on Robin, which I think provides a good reflection of her "voice":


I'm a new mom (11 weeks on Wednesday!) and this one has kept me sane for the past few weeks, as well as providing previews of what's to come:

The Wonder Weeks: How to turn your baby's 8 great fussy phases into magical leaps forward.

It covers the first year, explains when baby's liable to be fussy and what's going on, physically and mentally that's resulting in the fussiness. The authors also suggest games and activities to help baby with the breakthroughs that they're working so hard to make.


I have loved Harvey Karp's books, The Happiest Baby on the Block and the Happiest Toddler on the Block. Very similar to the books you describe in explaining childrens' behavior and giving you realistic ways to deal with it.


I just took out the Burton White books from the library to review them and see if they are something we want to buy... (If so I'll be back to file the order through a sidebar click, of course).

I had looked at a copy of Positive Discipline but gave it a pass for now. I'll take a closer look next time.

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