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If you're hearing a clicking sound, that's just me emailing this to my husband. Thanks--this is a lifesaver.

Laura S.

I've had to use the "no attention" tactic on Bah-bie. That girl can SCREAM. If only she could get paid to do it. She'd be great for horror films.


My son is 2 next week and he has started with the ear piercing squeal everytime we tell him off for something naughty, I have tried ignoring him and time outs and they both make him squeal louder, I'm at my wits end with it and not sure what else to try.


Maybe you people should pay more attention to your child, not less so you understand your childs needs. If your child is squealing they want something that you have failed to provide timely manner for them. It terrible to say just turn your back on them or ignore them, this teaches your child that it is pointless to ask for help. I can't believe this article is on a parenting website. I've seen worse articles but they were from the 1950's. If your child is squealing everytime you tell them off stop telling him off, is the result going to be that bad. What exactly is naughty anyway? It's your definition of something you consider is inappropriate. Maybe you should be changing your behaviour not not your childs


you are all missing the point,if everyone taught their children,"you only need to squeal,scream if someone is trying to grab you,someone is hurting you or you are injured,hurt" It is all about safety for the child and respect for other people.
Tell them the story about the little boy who cried wolf,{just think about it for a moment.Most people today would not even take the time to run to the aid of anyone screaming.People have lost common sense and respect and caring for each other.My house is 3 meters from a 75 children day care center and i have an incurable illness.The noise is just wrong,15 to 20 Decibels above the 35 Decibel Limit Regulation enforced by council.They have been given a court order to solve the problem but the staff just ignore the council and neighbors complaints. We were all living here before the day care center was built.
Any comments welcome


thanks for the great advice i have a 12 month old who gets lots of attention in a very busy household of 3 children, my two previous children never squealed and not sure why she does. Work in progress as everything is. Critising people who are asking for advice is very judgemental. Your website is great and people are not looking for negativity just good advice.


I am certainly going to try and follow your advice... my 15 month old daughter screams/squeals about everything ! when something doesn't go her way , when she wants something and it isn't given to her right away , and sometimes it seems like she's doing it for no reason (possibly because we give her attention to try and quiet her when she does it) , who knows, but I'm in desperate need for it to stop ... it's to the point where grandparents' aren'tenjoying her company and restaurants are a nightmare !!!!!!!!!!!

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