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Ms. Huis Herself

That's HILARIOUS! And it's hard enough to find the time and energy to ... ahem... "nap" when there's a toddler about.



We take advantage of lazy/late mornings when mine eats breakfast with her booster seatbelt firmly tied in a knot!

Off subject, have you heard how Laura is doing? No details needed/wanted -- just want to hear that all is well.

Mary P

Ms. Huis - damned straight. We installed a hook and eye latch on our door the next day. She could still interrupt, but at least she wouldn't get the full visuals...

Allison - Wow. You two must indulge in some pretty efficient napping! I think the seatbelt would have worked for all of 90 seconds with any of my kids. Unless yours is a slow and dedicated eater?


Oh gawd. You didn't just tell that story to the entire universe at large. I am so embarrassed. Ba ha, just kidding. I've told that story a few times myself. It just kills me.

Kat O+

Reminder to self: Place hefty chair under bedroom doorknob. *g*


bwahahahahahaha!!! Thanks for sharing that one!!


Cannot.. stop... laughing...

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