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I read about this study in the paper, too. Personally, I think experience counts a lot more than training when it comes to childcare. For example, I reckon my Mum would provide better quality of care to my toddler than any one of the ladies--lovely though they are--at daycare. And that's simply because Mum knows me intimately, knows my values and my philosophy about family, and she has more of an emotional commitment to my child. Even among daycare staff, it's pretty obvious who's had loads of experience with kids (particularly those who've had children of their own) versus those who've earned a degree but have only been working in the industry for a few years.

The thing about these studies is that they're often comparing apples and oranges. Even if you were to compare kids who stayed home and were looked after by, say, grandparents, I think you'd find a wide range of outcomes.


I am so furious about the way the media has been covering this story. My working moms listserv has been buzzing about the New York Times and Wall Street Journal coverage, especially. That Reuters article is a bit more balanced but still frustrating as a parent whose child has been in a large day center since she was five months old.

My daughter, puberty and me.

Raising our children is not an easy thing. And we do what we can to raise them well and also work hard to give them a better future. Hats off to all parents!

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